My Disney Remix

For the audio assignment I chose the Disney Lyric Mash up as I am a massive Disney Fan.  I know all of the words to the songs (pretty much) so it was kinda easy to chose the songs which fit together. Firstly I download the songs I wanted, this was quite hard just picking as […]

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Proof I can’t draw

For this web assignment is chose to do the google draw something challenge as It looked like a fun game and I like trying new stuff. When I first opened the game I thought I was clever and tried to skip the instructions, this lead to me thinking that you could draw what you wanted […]

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The Psycho GIF’s

For the Animated GIF assignment I’ve chosen to create a Psycho GIF! This task seemed the most fun to me as I’m a fan of horror films however I’ve never actually watched Psycho, even tho I know a lot about it and I’ve seen clips of the film a thousand times. And also how can […]

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A part of me

For this Video Assignment I chose to create a vlog as its something I love making however I never feel like I get round to recording one. I chose a fun day where I knew I would be doing a lot of stuff and there would be a few other people with me. On the […]

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For this design task I chose to do the assignment to design your own superhero. I chose this because it gave me a chance to be creative with the help of software to assist me so I didn’t have to draw or start from scratch on photoshop. I followed the link on the assignment bank and […]