VFL 18 Project – 1

For the VFL group project we were asked to come up with an idea that remixed or re-used film from The British Film Council as a creative stepping off point to explore Britishness. We were also asked to create the media around Leicester to show the city in different ways similar to the BFC films giving the project its name. View From Leicester.

As I was initally working on my own I knew I had to keep my project simple and straightforward however I wanted my work to be original and interesting. After brainstorming some ideas I came up with the idea to create a video of Leicester today using similar conventions of the BFC films but in 2018 using current music and up to date cameras.

A few weeks went by and I got caught up in other stuff and I started to not like the idea so much any more and I couldn’t see where it was heading. As I felt this way I knew I needed a better idea. I went to the #VFL17 to check out some of last years projects. Initially I came across A mini tour of Leicester and I really liked the look of it and I knew I wanted to do something similar but in my own unique way. I then went on to discover the #VFL17 page – Now and then in a GIF. I Also really liked this page and how it shows the city.

Combining these two ideas and using a mind map me and my project partner Charlotte came up with ‘Selfies of Leicester’, which intends to be an Instagram page showing a selfie in front of a ‘Leicester’ landmark or building and then that same monument from some time ago. We will be using the swipe feature on instagram two include to images per post!


Stay tuned for more content!





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