VFL 18 Project – 2

Selfies of Leicester!

Now that I have an Idea established some planning needed to take place to get the ball rolling. Firstly  we created an Instagram page to put my images on. This was simple and we started following people I know.



We then needed to find some images of old Leicester to take selfies in front of the current version. This proved harder that we’d imagined as the images needed to be taken from the ground and in good quality. As well as this they needed to some what look like the current version or the images wouldn’t look as effective.


My initial aim was to get about 20 images to start so the Instagram page was full and interesting. However as I’ve only lived in Leicester for around a year and a half it was quite difficult finding images of locations that I knew as I’m not that familiar with the whole city.

The locations we plan to take pictures at include;

The Clock Tower

The old Pares Bank 

The Cathedral

The High cross The High cross 

And hopefully a lot few more!



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